Dyson BIGBALLANIMAL2 Vacuum Cleaner- Iron/Sprayed Satin Purple/Iron


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Clean your home effortlessly with Dyson’s incredible Big Ball Animal2. Featuring innovative Dyson technology and a range of features, this cylinder vacuum is the perfect choice for any home.


Dyson Technology

Equipped with Dyson’s innovative Ball™ technology, the BIGBALLANIMAL2 is simple to move around your home and your furniture – being light to pull and easy to steer.


The 2-Tier Radial Root Cyclone™ technology and whole machine filtration mean you can catch even the smallest of debris. Also equipped with a Hepa filter, which traps harmful particles, you can keep your home’s air clean.


Beautifully designed, the BIGBALLANIMAL2 even self-rights if it topples or gets knocked over. And, with noise reduction that’s 25% more effective than its predecessor, Dyson has created a powerful cleaner that won’t disrupt your peace and quiet.


Thorough Clean

With a long 6.6 metre hose, you’ll have the flexibility you need when cleaning your home. Featuring a pneumatic  floorhead, it automatically self-adjusts to clean every floor type. From carpets and laminate to stone and tile, the vacuum head senses each surface for a superior clean.


Dyson has included a range of quick-release hand tools with the BIGBALLANIMAL2, to help you clean every corner of your room. These include:


  • Telescopic  tube
  • Combination tool
  • Tangle free turbine tool


Use the tangle-free tool to remove hair from carpets and upholstery. With no brush bar for it to wrap around it, it’s perfectly engineered for homes with pets. The combination tool allows you to get into hard-to-reach areas such as corners and ceilings. What’s more, the wand handle rotates 360Ëš for easy, versatile cleaning and greater control.


Emptying the bin is easy thanks to the one-touch hygienic system, and the large 1.5 L capacity means you can clean more of your home in one go.


Available in a sprayed satin purple and iron finish, the Dyson BIGBALLANIMAL2 makes cleaning your home a breeze. Add one to your basket today.

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Dyson Upright Comparison table


Floor Type Carpet
Colour Purple
Height 34.7 cm
Width 38.3 cm
Depth 29.5 cm
Cable Length 6.66 m