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  1. Sonos Playbar

    Sonos PLAYBAR - Wireless Home Cinema Soundbar, Black

    Designed to be positioned flat on top of your TV unit or mounted on the wall under the TV,  the Sonos Playbar is designed for greatly improving your TV sound or listening to music when the TV is off.  The Sonos Playbar a perfect addition to any home entertainment setup with its side direction speakers delivers a wide sound field that is both a clear and dynamic sound.

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  2. Sonos PLAYBASE Wireless Home Cinema Sound Base, Black

    Sonos PLAYBASE Wireless Home Cinema Sound Base, Black

    For watching the TV or listening to music when the TV is off,  the Sonos Playbase is the ideal addition to any home entertainment setup.  Ideal for a setup under the TV on top of or in a shelve of your TV stand, the Playbase will deliver a quality dynamic, pulse pounding sound.

    Also available in White

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  3. Sonos Sub Mk2 - Black

    Sonos SUB Mk2 - Gloss Black Sub Woofer

    When you pair a SUB with any Sonos speaker, you’ll hear parts of your music that you wouldn’t hear otherwise. That’s because SUB does all the heavy lifting required to deliver the lowest frequencies, leaving the other speakers to focus on perfecting the mid and high-range frequencies. You won’t just hear the difference. You’ll feel it.

    • Adds dramatically deeper bass to any Sonos speaker (or amplified component).
    • Zero cabinet buzz or rattle.
    • Versatile. Place it anywhere. Standing up or lying flat.
    • One-button setup.
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  4. Sonos AMP

    Sonos AMP

    • Enjoy high-fidelity performance with 125 Watts per channel
    • Power your bookshelf, floor-standing, in-wall, and in-ceiling speakers
    • Stream everything you love with the Sonos app and AirPlay
    • Connect your TV to create the ultimate entertainment system
    • Amp is built to last and improve over time
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  5. Sonos Play:5 bottom right corner

    Sonos PLAY:5 Mk2, Black

    The new Play:5 is the Ultimate all in One music system from Sonos which features even better sound over its predecessor.

    • 6 Custom-designed speaker drivers with dedicated amplifiers
    • Trueplay acoustic tuning to ensure you get the best sound in your room
    • Control all your music and streaming services from a single app (on your smartphone, tablet or computer)
    • Uses your Wifi. Easy to set up and allows you to expand your system over time.
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  6. Sonos Beam black, Front

    Sonos Beam Black | Compact Smart Soundbar with Alexa Voice Control

    The Sonos Beam is our best selling soundbar and for good reason.  Its compact design means it is a great soundbar addon for many TV setups, but don't let its small frame of 65cm wide fool you as the Beam can deliver a powerful and punchy sound that can fill many rooms.  But dont take our word for it the Beam has just won the What Hifi 2018 best Soundbar for under £500.
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  7. Sonos One black

    Sonos One Voice Controlled Smart Speaker, Black

    • Play and control your music with your voice.
    • Amazon Alexa built right in.
    • Enjoy the full range of Alexa skills.
    • Use your voice and Sonos app to manage all your music in one place.
    • Send songs, news and more to Sonos speakers in other rooms.
    • Rich, room-filling sound from a smart speaker.
    • Seamless all-black, all-white color to fit in any home.

    Also available in White

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    Was: £199.00

    Now: £169.00

  8. Sonos Play1 Black - Front Image

    Sonos PLAY:1 Wireless Smart Speaker, Black

    PLAY:1 is our smallest speaker. So it’s a perfect fit for bookshelves, counters, and other snug places. So now you can enjoy great-sounding music wherever you want to listen.

    • Mini. Fits in any space, fills any room.
    • Mighty. Surprisingly rich sound despite its size.
    • Two PLAY:1s work as Sonos home cinema rear speakers.
    • Wall or stand-mountable.
    Also available in white
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